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Overview of the company’s history and development

VS Industry Vietnam Joint Stock Company (“VS Industry Vietnam” or the “Company”), former known as VS Industry Vietnam Limited Company, was established following the Investment License No 154/GPĐT-KCN-BN dated 05/10/2005, issued by Department of Industrial Park Management in Bac Ninh Province. The Company commenced its production in June 2006 and was located in Que Vo Industrial Park, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam. Now the Company is operating on a 42,676.40 sq. m of manufacturing space.

On 15/12/2006, VS Industry Vietnam Limited Company officially converted to VS Industry Vietnam Joint Stock Company, with the Investment license No. 212032.000021 granted by the management board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zone Authority. Total chartered capital was USD 10,200,000.

On 14/03/2008, VS Industry Vietnam Joint Stock Company increased its investment capital from USD 19,855,000 to USD 35,000,000. Total chartered capital was USD 10,200,000.

On 16/06/2010,
VS Industry Vietnam Joint Stock Company increased its chartered capital from USD 10,200,000 to USD 10,863,000.

VS Industry Vietnam uses advanced and sophisticated machinery as well as encourages its competent employees to work hand in hand with clients. The combination of extensive manufacturing expertise, flexible production capabilities and economies of scale enable us to meet different client demands in a cost-effective manner.

The Company’s vision is to become an integrated electronics manufacturing services provider for world renowned manufacturers. To achieve this goal, the Company endeavor to generate sustainable growth and maximize returns to stakeholders while contributing to local and regional socio-economic development.

Table 1: The increase of chartered capital

Date Chartered Capital (USD) Additional Value (USD) Method Number of Shareholders
05/10/05 2,500,000 0 Establishment 2
11/04/06 4,756,500 2,256,500 Private placement 3
15/06/06 5,956,000 1,199,500 Private placement 4
15/12/06 10,200,000 4,244,000 Issuance to existing shareholders 4
16/06/10 10,863,000 663,000 Private placement 100
Source: VS Industry Vietnam

Company's reputation
The Vietnam Golden FDI 2009 awarded to the Company signifies the Vietnam’s government recognition of its achievements and contribution in Vietnam. More importantly, the Company is now recognized within the same rungs of some of the internationally renowned FDI companies in Vietnam who have received the same award.

In addition, the Company’s ability to have renowned international companies as its clientele not only reflects its reputation and ability to produce high quality and reliable products but most importantly strong business acumen qualities that has enabled to ensure continuous business relationship with such clients.
Que Vo Industrial Park, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
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