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The Company attributes its success to its stringent quality control system, where the production procedures meet with the industry standards. The Company employs the belief that quality control and assurance is the responsibility of the entire organization from the top management right down to the operation staff.

The company adopts the AQL (acceptable quality level) inspection standard that is internationally practiced. AQL is an inspection standard describing the maximum number of defects that could be considered acceptable during the random sampling of an inspection.

The Company’s quality control system consists of:
a) Quality control
Managing and control in-process quality control
b) Measurement
Measurement of product according to engineering specification

The Company has the following certification:
1) ISO 9001:2008
Registration No: 01100065459
Certified On: 30th September 2009

2) ISO 14001:2004
Registration No: 01104065459
Certified On: July 2007

3) Green Activity by a renowned international company
Certified On: December 2006

4) UL – Underwriters Laboratories
a. QMMY2
Fabricated Part – Components
File No: E305551
Certified On: 14 July 2006
b. QMRX2
Metallized Part – Components
File No: E310230
Certified On: 19 March 2007

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